Written submission from Melody Playford

We have received a captivating poem from Melody Playford, a 3rd year English Literature and Art History student at the University of Toronto.

Read “Titleless” below:


I feel my mouth open

I feel my tongue flutter up and down

I feel my thoughts bouncing around in my head

And all I see are ignorant faces.

This ignorance of our world

Fogs whatever clarity there was

And turns it into a meaningless life.

Dry, desolate plains of land

Overcome by heavy downpour

Foggy towns filled with burning sunlight

The hope nears the hearts

Of those who feel the world rather than just live in it.

I’ve felt the cool water rushing down the plains

I’ve touched the lightning that strikes down

I’ve shook hands with the sun,

And let it burn through my skin.

Does this mean that I wouldn’t choose ignorance over everything else?

Sometimes, and only sometimes,

I would choose ignorance.


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