Poetry Submission by Sanita Fejzic

Once again Sanita Fejzic has amazed us with her love laments, and we hope they amaze you too.  In “The Pull”, her attention to repetition and near-rhyme creates a rhythm that is breathless and strained, adding to the beautiful juxtaposition between the invisible strings and iron-clad rope. The brevity of Fejzic’s second piece is bold in its simplicity, as if telling the reader that love may be abstract, but does not need to be complicated; that it is as much about the other as it is about the self. Indeed, it is the vagueness of this piece that gives the reader a sense of zen.  

The Pull

I am being pulled and pulled
And pulled
In her direction
By invisible strings of love
Pulled, pulled, pulled, I am being pulled
By an iron-clad rope
From my heart to hers
From nipple to nipple
Nose to nose, lips to lips
Toes to toes
Until there is distance no more
And we unite, at last, as one

She says and so it is

She says
            savour life
            admire beauty
            just be
And so it is


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