Poetry by Phoenix Simms

With summer coming to its end, we felt Phoenix Simms’ latest piece was most appropriate. Its use of repetition brings the poem full circle, creating a timeless and never-ending atmosphere, further enhanced through enjambment and the whistle of alliteration. Give it a read below:  

Summer Resonance

the winds outside my window
at night encapsulate
my perception of summer
more than staring at the
sky on a clear June day
at the park or a botanical garden
the way the leaves
rustle and shift in the
invisible currents
undulating in the canopy
outside my window
sound more blue
than the sky depicted
in an anime that I’m
watching during the daytime.
what summer means to me
is the expanse of space
expanding with the returning
warmth that thrusts open
windows at nighttime
when I can listen to
the winds outside my window.


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