Poetry By Kyle Fisher

Below are three poems sent to us by Kyle Fisher. He is a prospective Ryerson student, currently studying journalism at Sheridan.  The poems take on various styles such as acrostic and story telling and are mostly positive in tone, offering hope to whoever reads them.


Kyle often writes under a pen name, Logan Rowley. To view more of his work, he runs his own blog, Humblefoot.

Check these out!


Put away your fears
Or your doubts.
Stay strong in the face of adversity.
Inside your soul there’s a voice
Telling you
It’s all going to be okay.
Vie for the life you’ve been dreaming of,
It’s only a ways away.
To deny the joy you’ve been destined for,
You will only waste away.

The Candle

I tried to be a lover
To your darkness.
But then I got lost
In your eyes (your eyes).

Thought I could be a candle
If I tried
To lighten up your life,
But all I reflected was your blackness.

Maybe if you tried
I wouldn’t nag
If you would have zigged
I would have zagged.

Told you I wanted you,
Then you waved the white flag.
Took another drag
Before I left you to your nightmare.

Lit up not your world,
But your cigarette.
Told you things
I now regret.

Told you when we first met
I was a spark in the wind;
A lover to your darkness.
Then you blew me out
With your whiskey breath.

Maybe if you tried,
You wouldn’t slag.
You could have zigged,
I could have zagged.

Now we’re just dust to dust in air.
Both melted wax and ashen skin.
Maybe if you cared
We could have been.

(Your eyes, your eyes);
No lights left within.


Love Yourself:

You once cried,
Said you couldn’t stand to be alone.
So I found some paper
And wrote you this poem:

You’re only worth
What you believe,
In your heart
And wear on your sleeve.

No one else
Can tell you right from wrong,
No one else
Can sing your life’s song.

So it’s up to you, my dear friend,
Take this advice with your heavy hand.
Be kind and leave your past on the shelf,
Only then can you love yourself.



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