Photo Set by Stef Daugilis

Stef Daugilis doesn’t fail to amaze us with her most recent photo set, a beautiful plethora of diverse landscapes and places. In regards to this set, Daugilis has shared with us a few of her insights on film, experience and memory:

The beauty of shooting countless rolls of film and then forgetting about them is the surprise you anticipate as well as the old memories that begin to unfold in front of you. In this day and age where almost everything is digital it is more than difficult to not get lost in the unlimited but intangible images we have access to. These photographs have been shot in various places from my adventures over the past year and are from the only roll of film I have developed out of numerous. I find that sometimes only a couple simple photographs’ are enough to remember and relive distinctive memories of the past that you have held close to your heart.

All images were shot with a 35 mm Minolta Maxxium 5000i. See more of Daugilis’ work here.

Scan 1


Scan 2b


Scan 3





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