Call For Submissions: NATURAL HABITAT

The Continuist is looking for your submissions! This time around, we are looking for your interpretation of NATURAL HABITAT.


Habitat is defined as “the natural home or environment of an animal, plant, or other organism,” or “a person’s usual or preferred surroundings.” But what does natural habitat mean to you? Is this a representation of nature? The hustle and bustle of city life? Or is natural habitat something completely different for you? We want to see your artistic angle on this topic, whether it be through photography, writing, visual art, or design; any medium, really! Send us your work at and we’ll consider it for print publication.

So tell your friends and loved ones; you don’t even need to be a Ryerson student to be a considered for publication. Just make sure to send in your work by Tuesday, October 7th, and that your piece relates to the theme of Natural Habitat in some way. Looking forward to seeing what you’ve got, and (hopefully) seeing you at the launch! (More details soon).


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