Prose By Kylie Coleen Tan

English student Kylie Coleen Tan has sent us this prose piece entitled Leo Is Lifeless And Incomplete. With a focus on physical reactions to mental states, the piece emits an air of claustrophobia and anxiety based on the ambiguous interactions of two mysterious characters. The latter sections of the piece, which could entail sexuality, drug induced mania or something entirely different, leave the reader with a sense of uncertainty before the final lines provide a direct and blunt closing. Give it a read below and check out more of Coleen Tan’s work at here.  

Leo Is Lifeless and Incomplete.

It’s coming back.

“What is coming back?”

I do not know ok. I just feel awful because my physical body feels awful. Wrists… they no longer carry strength every time I try to hold everything together. I feel high when I spin in multiple infinite circles and it makes me cry and sob uncontrollably but it makes me feel good. That is all that matters, that I feel good because I deserve it. I deserve all the comfort and belonging I want because I am not lifeless but rather complete. You can not take that from me and neither can Leo, especially not Leo… he is always there and I hate it.

“Leo is…”

Leo is there. He likes watching me when I kneel to say good night like mother use to tell me, when I stack layer after layer after layer and when I spin. I like to spin.

He touches it and does not let go. He states, “I want to feel what you feel.” It feels light and I can feel it touching me, but I know he is lying. I am no longer lifeless but rather complete and it feels really soft. Dragging along rough surfaces of bark as it pierces every DNA infused organ… that feeling is impossible. He said take only one, but I took another one. He said take one, but I took everything.

Please do not go back yet, I miss you too much. Slowly it streams where it needs to be because that is where Annabel Lee needs to be.

That is where I need to be.

Leo will never understand that…

I was never lifeless but rather complete.


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