October Concert Series

      So your pals at The Continuist are trying something new this month: we’re here to give you a few recommendations for concerts to check out in the city for October. Now around Toronto there’s obviously lots to do and a lot of music to hear, so maybe that show you bought tickets for three months ago and have been counting down the days for won’t be mentioned, but nevertheless we’ve got three to fill you in about. So if you’re looking for a fun and exciting show to go to this month, check out one of these.

TR/ST At The Danforth Music Hall Friday October 10th


Hometown boy Robert Alfons brings his goth inspired synth pop to The Danforth Music Hall on October 10th for what is sure to be a great show. First gaining notoriety with the 2011 debut track Candy Walls, the band, at the time consisting of Alfons and Austra drummer Maya Postepski, would release the absolute gem of a self titled album TR/ST in 2012 before Alfons, as a solo act, followed up with 2014’s Joyland. TR/ST specialize in goth infused dance music with a penchant for full and catchy synth lines, paired with Alfons’s unique and vampire-like vocals. Basically this is a great show to occupy a Friday night with, especially if you’re into indie electronic music and bands like Crystal Castles.

 Secret Chiefs 3 At Lee’s Palace Saturday October 11th


             Okay, so this one probably won’t be for everyone, but if you’re into experimental music, this is an absolute must see. Secret Chiefs 3 are a band comprised of members from many noteworthy experimental rock bands, most notably led by former Mr. Bungle guitarist Trey Spruance. The band plays largely unclassifiable music, ranging from surf rock, electronic, ambient, death metal and middle eastern infused tech jams among many others. They also come with the fun shtick of always wearing cloaks on stage; but, all shticks aside, these guys can seriously play their instruments with incredible technicality. I was lucky enough to catch them twice last year and they were fantastic both times, so if you’re into music that’s seriously coming out of left field then this one’s for you.


Slowdive & Low At The Danforth Music Hall Tuesday October 28th


            Slowdive were a marquee act in the British shoegaze scene in the early 90’s before disbanding in ’95 following the backlash against their heavily experimental release, Pygmalion. Ever since that, fans have been dying for a reunion, and in 2014 they got their wish as Slowdive began playing shows again for the first time in nearly twenty years. On October 28th they’ll be making their first visit back to Toronto (which was actually where they played their very last show before disbanding back in the nineties). To give you an idea of how big a deal it was, tickets for the show sold out in just over 24 hours and, due to popular demand, it was moved to a larger venue. Now for big name acts like Beyonce, selling out quickly isn’t something that even needs to be mentioned; but for indie groups, it is somewhat of an oddity, and it just goes to show the amount of hype surrounding this concert. Slowdive play a brand of atmospheric indie rock called shoegaze (for those who might now have known) and their sound is often emotive, engrossing and vast. Joining them on stage will be the similarly long running and storied band Low, making this a bill not worth missing. I grabbed my tickets awhile ago, so I don’t know what the availability is on these right now, but if you have the chance to grab some I highly recommend you do, for this could very well end up being the show of the year.

Happy Listening!

– The Continuist

P.S: If you’re a local musician with a show coming up, give us a shout and we’ll promote it on our page. Just e-mail band and show details to thecontinuist@gmail.com.


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