Poetry by Laura Pallen

Laura Pallen, a 3rd year English student at Ryerson, has delighted us with her poem, “Detergent Daze”. Her use of spacing and line breaks provides an interesting dynamic to the poem as you read, lifting you off of the page and into the experience. We become a part of the poem when we’re staring at the narrator’s toes, yet become distanced when the structure of the words represent the context, putting the reader in a daze themselves.

Detergent Daze

A man with his hands full
is mad I didn’t hold the door.
I didn’t know.
I’m wearing flip flops, It’s laundry day,
I’m out of socks,
please stop staring at my toes.

The elevator beeps before
it hits the top–
God, it really gets me down–
And now I’m sweating
and the doors are stuck,
else strolls along
from their
60 foot high,
condo pod,
and decides they’re going up.
but  HEY!,
                 we’ll all get there eventually,

Why can’t I put less money in the dryer?
It never takes that long.
It’s a thief of socks, drawers and
post-feudal sentencing,
nice ones first.
                 remove lint.
move on.


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