Music Submission by Man Simply Is

If you’re into experimental electronic music sprinkled with fuzzy and ambient guitar playing, then Man Simply Is is a must. Mike Zbikowski describes his solo project as “a deity roaming the chaotic jungle of Toronto searching for a human host. Twenty three years spent pondering the essence of life, while dwelling the shadows of its sanctuary only to come out at night in hopes of relinquishment.”  With its clash of sharp, hard-hitting synths and electronic sounds fused with atmospheric qualities, Man Simply Is produces a unique sound that indeed leaps out of its sanctuary to expose the chaotic shadows within. The project is beginning to make quite a name for itself around the Toronto area, with upcoming shows at the Velvet Underground (Nov. 8th), the Smiling Buddha (Nov. 30th) and The Central (Dec. 21st). You can check out his most recent track on our page, but make sure to check out the Facebook and Soundcloud platforms as well.


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