November Concert Series

We’re a tad late on this one. Very sorry, but it’s that time of year you know? Yeah, you know. Anyways, let’s get on with it.

TTNG at Lee’s Palace Saturday November 8th


               Veteran Math Rockers TTNG (formerly This Town Needs Guns) hit Lee’s Palace on Saturday supported by Emma Ruth Rundle and one man band Mylets. So first of all, let’s address what math rock is for those who don’t know. Math rock is essentially a vein of indie rock/prog predicated on complex time signatures and instrumentality. While many math rock bands fall into the trap of having their music be a vessel for their instrumental talent, TTNG set themselves apart by seamlessly integrating soothing, sensitive indie rock into the scope of technical virtuosity. No more was this evident than on 2009’s Animals, which I consider to be the best album of the entire genre. So this is a show that is going to appeal to musicians and fans of chilled out indie music alike. Very excited about this one and if your schedule’s all free on Saturday this will be a great way to spend the night.

Deerhoof at Lee’s Palace Saturday November 13th


             At times noise rock, at times alt rock, Deerhoof are a tough band to lump into a specific genre, but one thing that can definitely be said about them is that they’re whimsical and fun. Satomi Matsuzuaki’s vocals give the band an air of Japanese pop music and the music around her is sporadic and dynamically interesting within its alt rock context. Basically it’s like Katamari Damacy the rock band, so if that sounds like the kind of thing that you’re in to head over to Lee’s Palace next Thursday.

Beach Fossils at The Horseshoe Tavern Sunday November 17th


           Beach Fossils hit The Horseshoe Tavern next Sunday for what is sure to be a cool kid show. The band takes its aesthetics from shoegaze and surf rock to create something that, while it might not be groundbreaking, is just straight up good indie rock. The band at one time featured DIIV mastermind Zachary Cole Smith, and that sort of layered guitar melody and dreamy vocal style is present within their music. Last year’s release, Clash The Truth, was a real standout album for the band, and if their setlist consists of much of that material then this is sure to be a great show.

Ryerson Musician Show

Man Simply Is Saturday November 8th at The Velvet Underground and November 30th at The Smiling Buddah


          Ryerson musician Mike Zbikowski is taking his Man Simply Is project to the stage for two shows around Toronto this month. Zbikowski’s music is heavy on atmosphere with a gloomy take on the IDM genre. Thick synth lines and ominous melodies lair his debut track A Silent Malice an it will be interesting to see how the project expands throughout an entire set. As such if you feel like supporting one of your fellow Ryersonians and taking in the atmosphere catch Mike at one of his two shows this month or next month on December 21st at The Central for his EP release.

Happy listening

– The Continuist.

P.S. remember if you’re a local musician or a Ryerson student give us a shout and we’ll promote your show!


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