Poetry Submission by Sanita Fejzic

Sanita Fejzic has returned again to grace us with her beautiful words. Her focus on repetition shines as a detail in all three works to create a fluid rhythm of cyclic and ponderous thought.  In “Tried and True”, her disconnected form places emphasis on making the reader really think about the “tri” and the “tru” of these different facets; this disconnection also influences the physical reading of the poem, where there is struggle and conflict, and maybe something curiously uncomfortable about the work.  Enchantingly, “The verge” introduces us to the pain of losing and loving, this poem being almost exactly what it describes: a “Sad ballad of [the] heart’s song.”  Her final piece, “Autumnal meditations”, leads the reader into this fall season and has us wondering about our relationship to the fragility of nature, and possibly, to our own naked selves.

Fejzic has also recently come out with her first chapbook of visual poetry, “The Union of 6 & 7”, through local Ottawa press phahours. Definitely worth checking out!

Tried and True

Tried and true as the saying goes

the tri cycle of domesticity
the tri umph of desire

the tru ly madly deeply do
the tru est part of a lie

the tri bute to surrender
the tri be called family

the tru mpet sound of old age
the tru st in forever

Tried and true like me and you

The verge

When I think about thinking
I know I’m on the verge of drinking.
I want to forget the potential
pain of loosing you.

Don’t want to close my eyes:
risk remembering this morning
when in our bed your legs opened
but not with desire for me.

My appetite for erasing
scenes forever recorded
moments my mind madly loops:
sad ballad of my heart’s song.

Is it tragedy or comedy
that I can’t remember our last kiss?
When I think about thinking
I know I’m in the verge of drinking.

Autumnal meditations

I catch myself blushing.
Blushing at the maple trees
whose rusty coloured leaves
are now falling.

Fallen: soon they will surrender
render their coats to the wind
to be found naked
before my timid eyes.


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