Poetry Submission by Paul Harper

Paul Harper has sent us a heart wrenching piece that has a keen attention to environment and self. Its use of flowing and water-esque descriptions and imagery creates a reading space of fluidity and contrast. It is truly in reading this piece that one gets a sense of the tone and atmosphere, so we’ll leave the rest of it up to the reader.

From the Hallway

            The clutch tightened & released to reveal a movement that had been nestled behind into the background. Reminiscent of a detached landscape bellowing. The fluctuation fierce, I sniffle from the petroleum jelly slathered within both my nostrils. From the hallway you spill the drone. Helplessness washes over both of us. In this moment I have nothing enlightening to ease the unified. Simply, there is no way for a new perspective of lovely looking lines to be drawn. I understand it. I understand you.
            The consistent environment amplifies your worries. I sit on the toilet in the bathroom and the white tiled floor glistens perfectly in all it is and was ever meant to be. Lucky in its supposed lack of awareness towards existence. You tell me, that I, that I’m, I’m the reason you continue. The only thing that has kept you from kneeling down onto the graceless floor to join it. I return to the bed, the unread “Great Expectations”, one Kleenex box and crumpled tissues are scattered upon it.


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