Poetry Submission by Sanita Fejzic

We’re starting off the New Year right with these cozy love poems by Sanita Fejzic. Her word choice is tender and soft, the vowels and consonants blending into each other to create a sensuality in her work. The near rhymes and repetitions in “Breakfast in Bed, Forever” bring the words and emotions closer together in the same manner. “Warm Bath” is colourful and tactile, giving this piece the closeness seemingly directed at the reader and thus bringing us into the tub with the narrator. Despite the holidays coming to an end, these poems are bound to put a smile on your face.

Breakfast in Bed, Forever

She said she loved my face
flushed, pinked by blood. Red roses
bloomed between our bed sheets.

Her breath on my face
moist with secrets. Its riverbed flowed
on fingertips and swollen lips.

She made pancakes and dark coffee
maple syrup smell of intimacy.
Thus I succumbed to her sweetness.

And when I laughed
she laughed.
We were happy.

Warm Bath

Undress me slowly in the middle of our living
room. Take off my underwear with length-
wise rainbow stripes. Legs with thick hair. Second
toe painted pink with permanent marker. We dance
naked all the way to the bathroom. My hands are cold.
No one here but us. To just be, with our feet up
in the tub. This warm bath is not unlike a holiday.


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