Poetry Submission by Alex Heath

Third year English student at Ryerson University Alex Heath submitted to The Continuist team a couple of weeks ago, and boy are we glad she did! Heath has produced a gripping and descriptive piece that will keep you hooked until the very end. So sit back and prepare to be taken aback by this wonderful poem.

I tried my best

when we meet,
my brown doe eyes will draw you in,
but not enough to keep you from telling your friends later on
that I lack personality.

the careful heart shape of my lips, while nice to look at,
will fail to detract from the fact that I am
helplessly incapable of using them to maintain a worthwhile conversation.

my porcelain skin
wrapped tight over long limbs,
won’t disguise the trembling of my index finger when I point at something I hope you’ll find
even mildly amusing.

my disposition,
all saccharine and polite and graceful,
will be endearing at first,
but you’ll eventually grow tired of the seemingly-false sincerity of my smile.

I’ll wonder what I did wrong
while you wonder why you even bothered.


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