Visual Submission by Jennifer Huynh

Third year Graphic Communications Management student Jennifer Huynh has sent us some captivating visuals, and has provided us some insight into each work. These pieces showcase a wide range of talents, including geometrical accuracy, impressionist technique and experimentation with shape and shadow.

intoTitle: into
Medium: hard-edged painting with acrylics on canvas.
Description: The hard edge is juxtaposed with an impressionist-like under layer, while cool colours are layered with warm. I like to play with contrasting themes and styles to create artwork that is not completely comfortable. To me, the juxtaposition of opposing elements creates a sense of unusualness in this work.

timeTitle: time
Medium: multimedia (wax crayons and an acrylic mixture) on paperboard.
Description: This piece is quite different from my usual work as I did not plan ahead by creating multiple primarily drawings or research. I just started doodling on the prepared paperboard. This doodle technique is called Zentangle, where arbitrary thoughts are translated into patterns on the page.

untitledTitle: untitled
Medium: pencil on paperboard
Description: This is a drawing of a broken clasp on a bracelet. On the actual clasp, there is an open ring showing where it broke off, while the shadow shows a closed ring.


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