Written Submission by Kylie Coleen Tan

First year English student Kylie Coleen Tan is back with a fearless piece infused with what she calls her “understanding of dry, sarcastic humour” and all-nighter irritability. The letter addresses the multitude of influences that can have a profound effect on a writer, including family, pop culture, corporate sway and the occasional dead philosopher. Kylie has put into words that feeling of inadequacy that many artists experience at one point or another. “Danny Devito Is Not My Father (The Tale of An Unfortunate Asian)” arrives at a raw conclusion addressed to us all. In the mood for scathing introspection? Read her piece here, and while you’re at it, check out her blog.

Danny Devito Is Not My Father (The Tale of An Unfortunate Asian)

Dear oh so slowly disintegrating society —no seriously I love the world,

Not being overtly culture specific (ok I guess I am), but I have realized growing up in an Asian household, dominated by Asian culture has effected my ability to write. So I like blaming external factors/environment like nature, culture etc… but I feel like if I grew up in an aristocratic family that pushed literature between my eyes then maybe I would be somewhere, lecturing the contradictions of Russian literature, rather than being part of the 100th percentile. Rather, I grew up in such a heart-warming, optimistic family that I am not badly beaten/mentally unstable enough to be a writer. Curse my fortunes. I was not the Matilda of my generation that had to resort to books and discovered my telekinesis power because of asshole Danny DeVito who puts the dick in dictatorship and his corporates. I can not be the Nietzsche of this generation because I was not brutally faced with the realities of brain ailment and an unfortunate evil [step] sister. Long story short, the most damaged are the wisest.

Then again, this message itself may suggest something.

Every Asian Reading Vonnegut at 4 In the Morning


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