Poetry Submission by Sheila Sy

Third year Arts and Contemporary Studies student Sheila Sy has sent us this feel-good poem to share with you this Valentine’s Day. Sy states it is a piece about “choosing to take a risk and choosing to do the unknown – both of which are ridiculously frightening. May it from falling off an edge or falling in love, it’s all a scary feat to take a part of.” If you like what you read, make sure to check out her blog here.

To Exist

They say, “Never make promises when you’re happy,”
And don’t make decisions when you’re not.
But what do you when how you feel is neither of those?
How do you make a decision? Consult an encyclopedia I suppose.

They say, “Listen to your heart, but act with your brain.”
That by doing it the other way, you are going to be in harm’s way.
But don’t they also say that without the fear of danger, we can’t truly thrive?
May it be from jumping off a cliff or into somebody’s arms,
It’s all a leap of faith to try and make it out alive.

“You shouldn’t listen to anyone’s opinions because it’s your life,” they say
Yet continue to provide you with a list of pros and cons
Trying to sway you into a mindset that only they can agree upon.
They are looking out for your best intentions, and you rationalize this.
But there comes a time when you don’t want to listen
Because you start to understand that you can be someones and someone’s.

My father has always told me to never walk alone in a dark alleyway
And my mother told me to never talk to strangers,
“Stay away from drugs and alcohol, or you’ll make poor decisions.”
But they never mentioned that danger can come in a package
With eyes so brown that they can see into your soul,
And who can say your name with a voice that makes you lose all control.

When you’re with them they have this ability to make you forget your thoughts
To immerse yourself in their presence, wanting to take advantage of their time.
You no longer feel the need to overanalyze and criticize.
You are comforted and reassured even when you’re just sitting in silence
That when they look at you, it’s with a gaze of winning the best prize.

You are unknowingly putting yourself in a different kind of danger,
One that won’t doesn’t have an imminent impact like one of a stranger
But who’s impact will come in due time, if you allow it
Knowing this you choose to take the red pill, instead of the blue
Because you’re no longer scared of the unknown – if he’s the one waiting in that queue

So maybe this is how you make your decision, by taking a risk
Because at the end of the day, an encyclopedia can only tell you how far the sun is
And your best friend can merely bring about the what-if’s
But not tell you for certain if what you decide will be a hit or miss.

So take that risk, jump off that cliff or lean into that kiss
Because without throwing logic out the window,
You don’t truly know what it’s like to exist.


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