Music Submission by Commuted

Commuted, the solo project of Continu-kid David Eatock, takes influences of shoegaze and post-rock to create an ambient atmosphere full of dissonant layers and chilling echoes. His most recent release, Second World, brings an eerie energy that pulls listeners into its haunted labyrinth of sound.

The EP opens up with the pulsating “Night Walker”, the drums and synth repetitions driving the song forward. Behind this are layers of delayed guitars and a howling wind of vocal and instrumental layers. This is followed by the title track, which slowly puzzles itself together through a mixture of dissonant guitar and key sounds. It’s the bass in this song that creates a driving force that is similar to “Night Walker”, but brings a more dancey feel. Halfway through the song we are re-introduced to the initial layer of dissonance that brought in this track, followed by a build-up that takes the song into a more laid-back sonic experience. This slows the listener down for the upcoming tracks, “The Orchestra Ghost” acting as an interlude between the two parts of Second World. It’s in the three closing tracks that Eatock really shapes his sound into a work that is truly gripping and evocative. “Haunted” brings a more jam-influenced vibe to the album, though it is still rooted in the thematic eeriness of the other tracks, constantly dipping and diving into peculiar nooks and crannies. “Dolores” brings out the strong bass groove that makes Second World push forward, and features a dynamic uses of orchestral tones and glittery synth. The album closes with “46 Bodies,” a draining track weighed by a variety of industrial and droning sounds that rounds out Second World nicely.

Make sure to give this EP a listen, and follow Commuted here.


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