Musical Submission by Finest Twin

Fourth year Graphic Communications Management student and multi-instrumentalist Brent Vipond has shared with us his musical project Finest Twin, which blends the sounds of synth power pop with lo-fi pop-punk for a fast-paced sound. Meeting somewhere between Jeff Rosenstock and Dinosaur Jr., Finest Twin is full of energy undercut with delayed guitars and echoing, underwater vocals that work together to give the musical atmosphere a certain angst and rawness. Two standout tracks on his most recent self-titled release, “Gobstoppers” and “Before I Said I’d Wait”, reflect the breadth of songwriting and musical qualities on this album, and reflect what Vipond states as “what I was trying to do as a whole for the work.”

“Gobstoppers” comes stomping in with a gritty, “Dammit”-esque riff, followed by in-your-face vocals that crack and fluctuate to make this song really punch. The synth pulsates behind the distorted guitars, adding a parallel to the instrumental and vocal lines to make the song that much more confrontational. It’s a track that shoves and pushes the listener as the drums rumble through the chorus, and by the time you hit the interlude, you find yourself needing to catch your breath. On the other hand, “Before I Said I’d Wait”, utilizes a vocal style that is uninterested and mellow, drawing the listener in without the same force. There is more intricate layering, the synth playing a distinct melody that plays off the delayed guitars and laboured vocal style. The instrumentation and its contrast with the vocals is what shines in this track, the guitar solo simple yet passionate, followed by a drum fill that rips into the final, sombre chorus.

You can check out these tracks (as well as the rest of the EP) below, and if you like what you hear, download it for free here.


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