Music Submission by Akage No Anne

Based out of Toronto, ON, Akage No Anne (The Japanese name for Anne Of Green Gables) features Continuist alumni Tom Dunbar and Nick White, as well as Yoshi Nakajima. The trio makes lighthearted, lo-fi dream pop perfect for late summer nights and bedside smoking. Their sound hearkens to a more laid back Future Islands, with Dunbar’s crooning vocals floating over jangling guitars and an armada of upbeat synthesizers on tracks like “What Is Right?” This song opens with electronics and guitars working in tandem before the defining lyric of the song, and perhaps the band as a whole, is solemnly murmured: “Find a window with the light on.” “Biology Invitation” is perhaps the most musically interesting of the band’s four current tracks, with the chorus erupting into Modest Mouse-esque shrieks with oriental guitar leads and pounding keyboard chords. The atmosphere of all their songs has an upbeat hue with a touch of melancholy under the surface. As such, Akage No Anne speaks to young angst with the message of searching for belonging, but also with the yearning to not take things too seriously. Check out Akage No Anne’s Soundcloud below and follow them on Facebook here to keep up with their progress and to know when you might be able to catch them live around the city.


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