Poetry Submission by Paul Harper

As you probably know by now, we love Paul Harper and his way with words. Let’s just get to it.

You Know

I pass the playground encased in snow
Ever present in its ungodly resilience
Unaware of pressures and schematics
Spoon-fed bubbles that do rise

The spectre gnaws at your scalp
Turning bits and loosening follicles
A cycle doused in magnetism
Sitting in its place

Crest of day tempestuously called
Open hours of painted tulip
Brushed off the mildew and sung
Discordant organ lullaby

Vesper in lotus pond prioritized
Filed river under misfortune’s comb
Drew the complimentary snack
Left crumbs to bind with lint

Your midweek appearance overdue
On back share divulged unhingement
Stone faced comedian drooling hope
Harkened resolute







Cherub staring at the wall
Ten of hearts in the gutter
Say “we should get together”
Waiting for one to fill the cup

Summer overcast on Tuesday
Nowhere specific to reside
Sprinkling from circle to line
Just another sucker caught pining among the pines


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