Poetry Submission by Sarah Gianvito

Sarah Gianvito is a fourth year Ryerson University student in the English program. The submitted poem shares with us words of love depicting the depths of physical and emotional attraction. Love slips off the screen and into our hearts with vivid detail. This poem goes deeper than tactile imagery by utilizing organic imagery, augmenting the possible connections we can make to the content. We can see that distance is not an obstacle for these lovers, but a reassurance of days to come. Overall, this poem is a worthwhile read, as it induces feelings of warmth!

To My Love

To my love,
Who knows the value of a kiss,
And has a smile I will always miss.
To my love,
The one responsible for the jolt in my heart,
Regardless of the distance,
We cannot keep our souls apart.
To my love,
I can’t wait to feel your lips,
As I float across them with my fingertips.
To my love,
The one I hold near,
Know that when I am with you,
There isn’t a single fear.


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