Cool kids and cool art: Sabrina III

Sebastian Back and Dylan Mitro, second-year Film students at Ryerson University, have recently released a music video of the song Sabrina III, written by Brandon Lloyd and Sydney McInnis.

It began, as beautiful things often do, in the dank corners of Pitman Hall itself, the largest dormitory that Ryerson offers as well as the the place in which all four students obligingly lived last year. Serendipity, it seems, is not only for the romanticisms of John Cusack.

Having lived on the same floor of the residence building, Lloyd and McInnis, both musicians, embarked on the wonderful journey of friendship that eventually led to numerous creative collaborations. Sabrina III was of this ilk.

After hearing the song, Back and Mitro began brainstorming ideas that could bring a visual representation to the work of their friends.

Mitro commented, “The song alone is amazing, so we saw this music video as a great opportunity to collaborate with Sydney and Brandon to make something we all could be proud of.”

What started out purely as a passion project for the two, soon transpired into an 18-hour road trip starting in Toronto and ending in Thunder Bay, where the music video would be shot over the span of two days. According to all four collaborators, the setting, also McInnis’ hometown, just made sense.

A crowdfunding campaign was later initialized for the funding of the project, albeit, the majority of it was reserved for copious gallons of corn syrup (a necessary investment –watch the video).

The song itself is stunning. It carries its nuance and longing throughout its duration. Above all, there is the suggestion that love and lust are basal human desires that necessitate a certain degree of hopefulness and courage. The cinematography does nothing but add to this beauty, borrowing expansiveness and depth from its surroundings, along with a storyline that is cohesive as it is nostalgic.

Assuage your curiosity here: 

And check out more from the artists as you wish:

Sebastian Back:


Dylan Mitro:


Brandon Lloyd:


Sydney McInnis:





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