Ryerson Film student Colin Beckett delivers a piece that alludes to things both gritty and permissible, lending a stream of consciousness sensibility that entails basal desire as well as humanity. Read/enjoy and look out for more from Colin later this month.

Five Dollar Sex Act
for Sir Wilfrid Laurier

I think I have been on that floor

whirlwind tiles   hieroglyphs
that broad forehead
jaw bent broken
like a real M-A-N
that would know his way around
a tall building   a mosaic floor

Sir, shall I try to count
the fish scales of your face
or do you already know?

I think I have licked
a forehead like yours
inked up, quilted, impermeable
it was salty from palms
and finger sweat, and
no one asked me to lick
but I licked it   I had to



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