Daisy Barker, lauded member of The Continuist and society in general, spent the majority of her summer months in various leafy locales, tree planting and living in her own filth. “Momentary Sit-In” was subsequently birthed  from the correspondence she received, and responded to, albeit only when she had the wireless means to do so, from her good pal, Kristina. Daisy and Kristina are currently working on their own zine, which will be published when they feel like it.


Momentary Sit-In

“Do you know the painting…”

Radio silence
Exchanged and framed over days

Completely dichotomous existences:
Point A and B

Case and point
Fingers on keyboards with dots

Kilometers are just conglomerations
Gatherings of colours

Pixels, then pointillism

“A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of la Grande Jatte”

Dirt under fingernails for one, please
Blankets and sprawling on the grass far away for two, please

“The whole afternoon felt like Georges Seurat painted that painting for me to live in”

Murmurs over phantom printed words
Delayed response to the vivid and arcane

Do you get it yet?

Did that go through?


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