Short Poem by Quentin Stuckey

Space-time continuum does not get more universal than this. First-year English student Quentin Stuckey presents us with a plethora of alarming binary oppositions in his short poem, On Time. The poem’s light conversational tone, and occasional rhymes are at odds with the constricted structure. The latter leaves the reader questioning the relationships of: spatial and time elements, determinism and the materiality of our desires, and the internalization of pragmatism and death of idealism. For its final opposition, the poem arrives at a disheartening conclusion that, “… to live and breathe the air where you want to be, that is a far off reality.” Give his great composition a read below!


On Time

By Quentin Stuckey

Experience wasn’t going to begin at some later time. There was no specified date on the calendar. On the contrary, experience was happening with every moment we took for granted, with every fleeting thought. The life that we hoped to have some day; that was the thing that was always late. Yearning to wake up and find that we have everything we ever wanted without having to wait so long. We stretch our minds to endless possibilities but when we add up all of our years, do we have to confront our worst fears? Are the ambitious people the fools of society? If we answer “yes”, then hand me a shovel. For I’d rather dig my own grave than be a corporate, techno slave. If we answer “no”…then we are left with that strong ambition, now if only we could find some money and a little precision. I feel late every minute, hour and second of every day. I feel as if I’m not right where I want to be, so why can’t life and destiny be on time? Let life punch a time clock, because life goes on even after we are fired from our existential position. To live and breathe is constant but to live and breathe the air where you want to be, that is a far off reality. To be on time.



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