Photography by Sina Zand

The subjects in all four of Sina Zand’s photos seem to project an attitude, like they are all pushing their identities into the world.

The first photograph shows a group of boys who encapsulate a skater culture. The second photograph is defiant in its technique, as it breaks the normal conventions of photography by shooting the subject from behind. Even though only the back of the girl’s head is shown, her hair and fur collar express a strong personality. The third depicts a skate boarder in a moment of euphoria. Despite his indiscernible expression, the way the light is flared and overexposed feels dreamy, presenting a heightened moment. This conveys the skater’s feelings of excitement. The last photo of the guy who flakes out in the sunlight on a city sidewalk expresses a mood of rebellion. The light and dark run diagonal across the image, playing with feelings of confusion present in the picture as to the motives of the subject.



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