Poem by Joe Joyce

Delve into this rousing poem by Joe Joyce and let it shake your very soul. Bursting with passion and power, “Untitled” is a call to action. Memorable for its urgency, Joe’s compelling command of prose lingers in the mind long after your eyes have left the page.


You! The angry youths whose gloaming crumbles
Like a vesper flickering gently in the autumn breeze
And dancing on the sill,
Depart from the perpetual singularity that is the norm,
Sink into the strange and lingering thoughts which with
Stabbing motions thrust into your false memories
Of a time when thoughts were thoughts and
Actions were little more then a flicker of a prayer.
And sinking into the gloaming which crumbles,
Crumbling into the strange and gaudy eve,
Collapsing unto something that is not you,
You shall rise and greet the looming future,
The tomorrows whose idle and forever imminence
Is the shadow under which you’ve always trembled.
Drink in the special taste of transient decay and let it fill you
Until bursting from your pores is the utter spontaneity
Which is the stuff that should have been life,
And grasping whatever present joy should flirt along your side
You shall know what man has never known and will never know,
That mute and nonviolent subtleties are the language of the damned,
That these accursed walls lack all providence,
And both blackened with soot and pallid with fleshy disdain
Are nothing but a cage.

Disassociate! from the sordid masses
Filthy exhalations and wrenching guttural secretions
Who see their fate when fictions twinkle on a screen
But inebriate themselves to inspect
The mirror and interpret the realities
Imparted on their disheveled face.

Disassemble! what others have firmly entrenched into the earth,
Disaffirm! the creeds and dogmas to which your birth was not consent,
Disregard! the shriveling wreath of time you’ve been dispensed,
Dismiss! the trivial.

Disarm! the tyrannical and transparently addled guards
Shifting in the shadows and puffing on cigarettes,
Awaiting your rebellion with a mind full of sanguine lust.

Disavow! the faculties imposed upon you,
Disengage! the expectations that restrain you,
Disallow! the routines that bind you,
Displease! the system.

Discarnate! your withered soul
From its harrowing cell and haggard mumblings
Of stagnant and inverted hours.

Dispel! the myth of redundant and asphyxiated days,
Disentomb! your exiled and forgotten dreams,
Disambiguate! the trembling and piteous hopes of love,
Disinherit! the fiery carnage of the weeping mourn,
Disinfect! the festering wound.

And disperse!
Disperse unto the naked night!
Past the gaunt women rattling their cages,
The wanton children vexed in stony hazes,
And the silhouettes emblazoned on the walls.
Rise above the churning of their starry dazes,
Rise, rise above them all,
And disperse unto the naked night!


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