New Retro Music: Freeweights’ “Close Call”

On February 17, 2017, Helsinki’s synth pop band, Freeweights, released their new song titled Close Call.

This 2012 quintet is recognised for their distinguishable 80’s new wave revival, with their nostalgic electronic harmonies, and cheesy positive lyrics.


     close call

      I’ve been driving too fast tonight

      I’ve been driving too fast

      for your love

      always out there in the night

      it’s a close call

The song’s style brings our parents back to a time of neon lights, Vaporwave fonts, relationship-driven lyrics, and Ferrari Testarossas.

Pet Shop Boys’ 1984 Single (with its Micro-Gamma font).

If you’re interested in traveling back in time – but don’t have a DeLorean time machine –

Check out more of their amazing music!

Band’s Official Site:




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