Pretty Dolls by Michelle Moreira

Michelle is a second year student in the English program at Ryerson. Michelle’s insightful look at the differences between being rich and being wealthy takes an important stand against money amounting to more than personality. Thank you for your submission, Michelle!

Pretty Dolls

The wealthy
Like their cars and their toys, where only the
Wealthy can afford.
With their wealthy make-up and wealthy lives,
Where their children go to
Wealthy schools and speak to other wealthy children.
So they learn more things
About the wealthy, and how to look
Like the wealthy.
They all crawl back to their big houses
Where they dream of more things
And fail to rest.
And you and I,
I write about you, not them.
I write about the rich. The rich
In love.
The rich in kindness, integrity
Where we all come together at a bar at 55

And talk about our rich dreams.
To travel, to learn
To live.
And so we learn how to walk
Like those who are rich in life.

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