The Universe of Us

I sawed a circle into my carpet last night. Clean through.
Choppy, choppy at best. It was more of a squircle with
a branch but never mind that. Through this branchy
squircle hole was not our stainless steel applianced
kitchen, but outer space. Real outer space, with the planets and
comets and all that spacey stuff. The entire universe lived beneath
my bedroom floor becoming thousands upon thousands of
flickering, scintillating stars in an offbeat waltz
with two left feet that bobbled and flamed and
oh the moon.
Let me tell you about the moon.
It nestled itself in the left corner of my squircle branch
rotating calmly, steadily.
A metronome serving as white noise, a mother
winking at the stars. I release this wooden fishing rod
through the squircle and into space. Into the oblivion.
I’m not much of a fisherman but once the string
pulled down I reeled in the tiniest of twinkling stars and placed it
inside a woven basket. I laughed to myself which is always so
embarrassing but I laughed until I captured
tens of hundreds of stars of varying
shape and luminosity until my voice scratched and stomach cramped.
I collected little pieces of the universe until
my fingers grew sore and my eyes heavy and my cheek fell to the
jagged gap in my floor. I slept soundly next to the stars
that night. A sugar-coated girl alone with space, wrapped in darkness,
hypnotized by the metronome of the moon.
To be honest, I actually just saw our stainless steel
applianced kitchen through that branchy squircle
and my parents will hate me for the chasmal
void I’ve left in my carpeted floor, but never mind that.
This is a story, a lullaby,
an every night whisper for my favorite insomniac
and I will continue to carve this floor
to show her pieces of the universe as long as I live.

by: Madelyn Grace

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