The Intimacies of the In-Between by Hayley Adam

Happy Valentines day! Thank you to second year film student Hayley Adam for sharing these atmospheric pieces, and bringing an ethereal romance to our day.

The Intimacies of the In-Between

Often our lives are measured by milestones. By
relationships, by graduations, by successes. These landmarks are
deemed of most importance, yet occur so rarely. And it is this
that causes us to forget about the importance of the otherwise
overlooked. The otherwise overlooked that is squeezed into the
crevices of these overshadowing moments; that is known as the in
between. The in between is the irrelevancies of everyday routine.
It is softer and less climatic but it is the constant. It is
simple, raw and sometimes bland, but reality. And it is here, in
this time, that we do the most living. This series of photographs
documents the soft moments of importance. From the signs of a
changing season to a warm moment with friends, The Intimacies Of
The In Between explores the underappreciated moments of the

By: Hayley Elizabeth Adam


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