About Us


What does the Continuist do? 

The Continuist is an online and printed publication run through the Faculty of Arts at Ryerson University. The Continuist is produced by students and is made up of artwork and other creations by students. Our goal is to give local artists in Toronto a means to publish their work for free, and for others to discover and appreciate some great work that they may not otherwise come across. We print small publications, run events, and hang out with other zinesters. Hang out with us. Join us! We don’t bite. We always need more members on our team. If you’d like to ask us anything or submit your work for publication, email thecontinuist@gmail.com.

How can you submit? To submit, send us an email with your work attached and be sure to include anything else you want us to know – your name, your school/program (if applicable), a link to your website, etc.

Where can you find us? On Facebook, on Twitter, on Instagram and even Soundcloud!  We’re all up in your social media slots.

Who we are? Our team is always changing, so it’s hard to keep this updated, but we’ve tried our best.

The Continuist 2017 – 2018 Editorial Team

Processed with VSCO with b1 preset
Daisy Barker + Kristina Pantalone – Co-editors (2016 – present)
Phil Johnston – Cherished lapdog

6 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Could you please send me an image of your logo, the growing tree?–I’d love to include it in a PPt presentation to prospective students, when I mention the Continuist to them in the Student Life section. Thanks!
    Prof Lorraine Janzen, English

  2. Hi, is there any way I can get in contact with Rebecca Zynomirski? I’m a student of Mr. Spencer’s from Laurier Secondary School, and he suggested I contact you because I am interested in photography at Ryerson.


  3. Hi Guys! Great website, as always. Let us know how we can continue to help you.
    The Arts and Contemporary Studies Team

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